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Furniture is an investment.

Regardless of your income and regardless of where you purchase your furniture, it should all be cared for. Not all furniture is created equal, but all can be cared for to last as long as it can.

Properly maintaining furniture will help it last. Wood furniture, upholstered furniture, antique furniture and even low end, particle board furniture can last if taken care of.


Caring for Furniture

Make your furniture last.
Caring for Wood Furniture

Wood furniture should be a treasured possession.

With good care, quality, wood furniture can last for generations.

Avoid heat and light.
In a natural state, wood contains a surprising amount of moisture. Preserving appropriate moisture levels is key to the preservation of fine furniture. Position fine wood furniture away from heating vents, fireplaces or radiators.
Don’t store fine furniture where temperature and humidity levels vary. Avoid placing furniture in areas where it will sit in direct sunlight. It can fade fine furniture. Use drapes, sheers or protective window films to guard against the sun’s rays.
Protect from damage. Everyday life can be hard on wood furniture. Moisture from sweating beverage glasses leaves round rings in the finish. Heat from a hot dish can ruin the wood finish beneath. Provide cork- or felt-bottomed coasters. Use placemats, tablecloths or padded table covers to protect dining room tables.
Clean safely.
Dust often. Wood furniture requires heavier cleaning. To remove greasy soil or the film from cigarette smoke, mix a solution of oil soap and water as instructed on the oil soap package. Using a natural sponge, moisten it with oil soap and wring out most of the water. Stroke the furniture gently to loosen soil. Rinse the residue from the wood with a sponge wrung out in clear water, and then dry the piece with fresh cleaning cloths.
Dust fine furniture often with a lamb’s wool duster or barely damp white cotton cleaning cloth. Microfiber cloths do a good job of attracting and removing fine blown-in soil. Avoid using a feather duster, as a broken quill can scratch and damage delicate finishes.
Dust damp. Dusting with a dry cloth can scratch, so lightly spritz your cleaning cloth with water, a spray dusting agent or wood polish. Never spray furniture directly, as overspray can leave a difficult-to-remove film. Follow the grain of the wood as you dust to avoid cross-grain scratches.
Dust often. Frequent dusting removes dirt before it has a chance to settle in and make itself at home. Dusting often keeps an oily build-up from forming on wood furniture.
Note: Seek professional advice before cleaning if the wood is in poor condition or the item of furniture is an antique.
Caring for Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture

Dust and dirt act like sandpaper on furniture fabric, so remove it often. Vacuum upholstered furniture weekly. Lift cushions and use the crevice tool to remove hidden crumbs beneath.
Keep upholstered furniture looking new with these tips:
Flip, swap and rearrange.
Being territorial creatures, most humans gravitate to their favorite places. But when it’s the same seat on a long sofa day after day, that preference will start to show.
Flip loose cushions and rotate them on a multi-cushion unit. Rearranging upholstered furniture once or twice a year to distribute wear even. Switch the position of a love seat and a sofa, or swap the positions of a set of chairs as the seasons change.
Arm caps.
Places where bare skin or hair come to rest. Armrests, chair backs, seat cushions. are all subject to higher levels of soil and abrasion. Protect high-contact areas of upholstered furniture with arm caps. Tailored to fit over chair and sofa arms. Made from the same upholstery fabric.
In areas with hot summer weather, consider washable slipcovers. Slipcovers protect against sweat, suntan oil and other summer hazards.
Fabric protection.
Spray-on fabric protectors coat fibers and protect upholstery from spills and stains. Fabric protectors can be applied at the mill as the fabric is processed. By the furniture retailer, or at home using commercial spray products.
If you apply fabric protection yourself. Read the product instructions and observe safety procedures.
Caring for Leather Furniture
Leather upholstery can last for many years if looked after. Follow these tips to take good care of leather furnishings:
Keep away from heat and light.
Leather furniture is very sensitive to heat and sun damage. Position it away from windows and from heat sources.
Uncoated leathers.
Dust furniture made from uncoated leathers often. An art gum eraser may remove some stains or deposits. Do not use leather creams, conditioners or saddle soap on uncoated leather. These products can change the color or appearance of the leather.
Coated leathers.
Check with the manufacturer for recommended cleaning methods. Vacuum often to remove surface soil. Use leather creams or conditioners to clean coated leather once or twice or year. Test leather cleaners in an inconspicuous spot before using.
Avoid unsuitable products.
Never use oil. Furniture polish, dusting sprays or ordinary stain removers on leather furniture.

Design Apps

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Sherman-Williams has solved your desire to splash the palette of your favorite landscape. Or textile, or work of art, or any other source of inspiration—onto your interior.
Their app can analyze the colors of any photo on your smartphone. It will let you know which shade of Sherman-Williams paint it matches.
Peruse the contents of its 1,500-shade inventory and apply it to virtual sample rooms.


HomeStyler bills itself as a “virtual fitting room,” and rightly so. Try out different looks for your space by superimposing real products.
3-D models of various furniture, fixtures, and so on—onto an actual snapshot of your living room. Share your ideas in the Design Gallery, and take a look at what everyone else is doing.
MyPantone is the ultimate color arbiter.
When it comes to disputes on whether a shade is turquoise or teal, they have the final say.
The historic company put its standardized library of colors into a convenient app. The app allows you to communicate your color choices. To decorating professionals, designers and manufacturers alike.
It also identifies the colors in your photographs and generates complementary palettes.


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